How to pull yourself out of a bad mood or depression!

Alright so two weeks ago I had an anxiety attack for not taking care of my self which happened for the first time time in my life. It was due to overstressing and over working at work with a long commute.

I pulled myself out of a temporary depression now but I'd thought I'd share my methods because others do not know these really well. Beware I did not use any alcohol whatsoever or any anti depressants. I am an anti drug person.

How to pull yourself out of a bad mood or depression!

1.) Take a shower that's as cold as possible
What this does it shocks your body and releases massive amounts of adrenaline into your body. When this happens open your eyes and focus on an object outside the shower and try not to close your eyes or move rapidly. Keep yourself in control. This will snap you out of depression temporarily for 2-3 hours worst case scenario and before bed will help you fall asleep. This is also good for the muscles after a workout by making them recover faster. 100 years ago people feeling suicidal would be thrown into ice water to snap them out of it and it works.

2.) Lift -not running- lifting till your arms don't lift
Running is good but lifting is 100x times better for your mental health. Lift as much as your body can handle in many areas. Do arms, legs, squatting with weights, chest but most importantly do it till your arms hurt and feel numb. Don't lift too much too quickly and do it proportionally to your body but lift, tire your muscles out to make them sore after.

3.) Read
Read something that you love but with meaning. Read Harry Potter, lord of the rings but anything with emotion and a story. Something that interests you. This gets your mind going.

4.) Box/Swim/Football/Team sports
Boxing takes out the energy inside you, the crazy inside you and channels your energy trough you body and hence mind. Team sports are sports which boost your mind and the the fact that you do it with others takes it even further.

5.) Volunteer
I currently teach in addition to my job and when I'm teaching little kids I am helping them grow in this world to reach places.

When I do this I get a head rush and feel amazing. The best person in the world. Absolutely amazing.

6.) Avoid alcohol but if you are a drinker do not quit
Quitting alcohol or caffeine creates depression if you do suddenly, taper off slowly.

7.) Avoid masterbating for as long as possible
I've done this for long periods (2 weeks) and by not masturbating your body learns to cope with the increased stress that builds up between your legs. This means that when something stressful happens your more resistant.

Wanking releases stress but wanking daily means that you realease small amounts each day. When something bad happens that's bigger it's harder to deal with. Let your natural stress that you can manage by opening porn, build up inside you, which improves your tolerance to stress.

8.) Socialise
Do I need to explain this?

9.) Think of the people worse than you but in a better mental health
Billions of people around the world or at least millions are in a worse of situation and keep going every day. They have good mental health. Physical health is partially in control. Mental health is in your control if you can get it to be controlled.

I've been through bad stuff my entire life and keep my shit together and keep moving forward. I'm a refugee by the way.

Some people are born in America or UK with the best resources in the world even as an orphan, and still manage to fuck it up and get depressed.

Everyone has bad stuff happen to them.

Its not what happens to us that define who we are.

It's how we react to these events as a person. It's how we bounce back.

Thats what defines us as a person, who you are.


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  • none of this stuff helps me, the only thing to temporarily do it for a short time is exercise & eating chocolate for that endorphin rush.

    • Have a cold shower and see if it helps. But on your chest and head not on your legs

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  • Yeah, none of these have helped me. Some of them are even counter productive I'd say.

    But I'm just going to say, that if there was a sure-fire way to cure depression, then it would have been a widespread news just like how to get rich "fast, easy and risk-free without education". People all around the world would have followed a chain-reaction of such an improvement.

    Depression is far more complex than many people realize. It's not like "Do this and your depression will be cured". It doesn't work like that. Every patient has it's own treatment and whether they can get those or not is a different question but I think most of the patients would have done so when they first had it.

    What's even worse is, that people act like or believe, that depression is simple to deal with and then shame patients for "not trying" when in reality it didn't help. Those are plenty enough around. They really do a great job at being an asshole.


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  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I used to be that way but then I decided that the only person who is making me a victim, is myself. Nobody can change a situation for you except yourself. There are times when I'm just sad about life and I do my best to change it. And then there are other times when my chronic depression comes up and I just let it pass. It'll leave eventually. When it comes back, I just do the same thing.

  • The only thing i disagree with is #7. I get way more depressed the longer i go. Like exponential increases every week. Today I'm struggling and its been 3 days.

    Yes i have indeed gone weeks before. The most recent example of this was for about 2 weeks no orgasm, I had a panic attack last week. Next day i took care of things and back to normal.

    Orgasms release endorphins which are stress relievers. Yes I understand it builds up but for me i need a bear daily release. I'm not sure I'd its the same for others.

    The rest of the things you mention sound accurate.

    • Near * not bear

      Socializing doesn't help me either but i know people whom it would.

  • It will not help.

    • It will.

      Trust me it will. It's helped me by miles. But one thing won't do it. It's 50% about your attitude and the other 50% about your lifestyle choices. The above will help. But will not cure depression. Only by facing your fears will you cure depression.

      Besides your 14. Most teenagers are deperessed due to puberty during that time anyway. Relax

    • I think being outside and meeting new people is the best way probably, it helps a lot.

    • That is the best way.

      But the one thing I noticed is something you love. Could be sports. Could be trekking a mountain. Could be anything to be honest.

      Just got to find what you love to do. Maybe it's writing a blog about your ideas and thoughts

  • Thank you for these tips! I'm going to try these X

  • Thankies definitely will try this

  • People who are suffering depression should consult a medical professional for advice about proper treatment.

  • That doesn't work for depression, it's not only a bad mood, it's more complex. It would be great if people who have no clue about how mental ilnesses work would stop giving useless advices.

    • There are varying levels of depression.

      There's light, mild and heavy or deep underlying depression or anxiety.

      This isn't for complex PTSD ones

  • thank you


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  • Um learn how to get up and fight for yourself.

    Its a grueling, ugly process and everyone care a heck of a lot less than you think when they see you struggling.

    Besides people actually look with a lot more scorn at the guy sitting around doing nothing than if you're giving it your all.

    Something I realized watching Gladiator (2001) the dude loses his whole family and they throw him into an arena outnumbered and unprepared. Did he give up? No... he fought because he had to.. and won.

    They do similar experiments with mice... if you condition them to be depressed (exerting pain on them when they are helpless) and you put them into a fight or die situation, they are MUCH more likely not to survive because they don't have any fight in them. The exact scenario I think is they dump them into freezing water and they have to fight their way onto a platform.

    The thing is you are likely a lot less helpless then you realize. People get depressed when life boxes them into a corner and you have to fight your way out... hold your ground, get into arguments with people... probably lose some vestige of a life you don't want to lose, change what you don't want to change. etc. etc. Its just not a very pretty process but believe me, you'll feel so much better when you fight for yourself.

  • This is an awesome mytake, wow, so glad to hear this and its so true.
    I agree so much on the lifting weights till u drop, not masturbating, taking cold showers. Those all change everything.
    Great mytake man, really great.

  • I've done a few of thease myself and they do help, app that might help is beyondnow,(i only know for sure its on the app store) its for self harm and suicide prevention but it would for this two

  • #9 Depresses me even more. I'm thinking to myself "These guys live through hell and I can't even get my life together from my comfy home. I'm such a failure..."

  • People who are in a bad mood or have depression deserve to stay that way

  • I'm a work/gym guy, so once one of both is going down I get anxious and try to avoid it by concentrating more in the other part...
    one time I couldn't calm it down although I didn't have anything wrong in both parts ! so not knowing the reason made me even more anxious, anyway after trying different thing starting from drinking, sex, smoking shisha and stuff I got tired till the day my friend (a doctor) was at my place and hold my supplement pack and asked me are you taking this? it was then when I found out that all that anxiety was coming from the side effect of the extra energy i was getting from the supplement !
    so check your nutrition and daily life routine before trying anything else !

    • Drinking sex shisha and smoking depresses you. When you quit it depresses you till the symtomps wear off. If you don't want depression stay off these substances.

      Sex is good at the right time and only with your lover. Not with a random person.

    • hmmm you're that type of guys...

  • All good ideas. #8 is iffy for me since I'm in introvert though.

  • You gotta find your resolve and have a reliable method of maintaining a comfortable environment.

  • Very nice mate. Thank you

  • Thank you

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