Why Being a Vegetarian is Better

"You need meat to live! God put animals on this earth just for us to eat! FEED THE MAN MEAT MATE! RAH RAHRAH!" This is all I ever hear and I wish they could all hear how dumb they sound. I have been a vego only for two weeks, and before then I have hardly eaten meat. Here are the reasons being a vegetarian is better.

Why Being a Vegetarian is Better

1. You will be Happier, Healthier and Live Longer!

Meat is hard to digest, and is treated with a cocktail of nasty chemicals like ammonia. Mince meat is even worse, as it is made from the scraps that are used in dog food...like, we don't live like dogs, why should we eat what is essentially dogfood. And when you have a meat-centered diet, your chances of heart failure are fifty fifty at a young age.

2. There is more protein and vitamins, ounce for ounce, in all kinds of beans and nuts than there is in Meat.

Even if there was more protein in meat, your body cannot digest it properly, so it will not absorb even half of it, but you can easily digest veggies and fruit.

3. The industry is a crime against animals.

And don't feed me that, "God put animals on this earth just for us to eat" Bullshit, because no legally sane person is going to let an invisible deity made up thousands of years ago dictate their life.

Why Being a Vegetarian is Better

4. The meat Industry is a burden on resources.

60% of the USAs, and 40% of Australia's wheat and corn is fed to livestock. If that was reduced by half, all basic foodstuffs would be a lot cheaper. What more is there to say.

There you have it. Please let me know your opinion.


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  • If you eat food in moderation like you're supposed to, you'll be healthy. You don't need to cut meat out of your diet to be healthy. Meat provides the amount of iron that you need, fruits and vegetables can't do that unless you eat a ridiculous amount. Just to keep up the nutrients alone that your body needs as a vegetarian, you have to take supplements. If you can't get the energy and sustenance that your body needs from your diet, something is wrong.

    • I agree, lean meats in moderation can be part of a healthy diet. Veggies can provide a lot of non-heme iron. It's just not as bioavailable as meat (heme iron). Eating a source of vitamin C with those veggies will help make the iron more absorbable.

      A vegetarian *might" need to supplement some vitamins or minerals. It really depends on the individual, their diet quality, diet variety, and which foods they do/don't allow. For example, they'll need B12 supplement if they don't allow any dairy products. As long as the individual pays attention to their intake, a vegetarian diet can be a healthy diet.

    • @MalibuBeachLife Yes, it can be a healthy diet. I didn't say it couldn't but that's not the only healthy diet option though. Being an omnivore is completely healthy. You're following a diet that provides everything your body needs. Most vegetarians do not get all their nutrients that their body needs from the sources of food that they eat, where as an omnivore who follows a healthy eating pattern gets those sources.

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  • I really hates posts like this, and before you get uppity yes, i am a carnivore, but i was essentially married to a hardcore vegetarian for five years and know all the ins and outs, and i could probably get hired as a vegetarian/ raw chef at any resturant.

    1. Your happiness, health and life spans is completely dependent on your state of mind, your physical activity, and your genetics not necessarily your diet. I tried veg diet, i hated it, and i knew i could never live like that my entire life and i would be miserable. my ex hardly ever worked out and was pretty fat for a vegetarian, until i got her working out regularly.

    bonus fact: most industrial dog food is actually made out of corn, which is cruel because most dogs are carnivorous and don't deserve to be grain fed.

    2. Yes, There are many proteins in a veg diet but its missing many of the essential proteins and amino acid branch chains that can be only found and absorbed through meat, egg and dairy products. these proteins are necessary to a balanced life style and not eating them can cause malnutrition that could lead to more serious health problems later on in life. its why a lot of veges still eat eggs and cheese, which are two excellent sources of these 'non-harm' proteins.

    3. Every thing humans do is a crime against animals/ nature. From the houses we build, the roads we pave, to the products we sell in our stores. Its idiotic to point out this as a major justification for not eating meat of all things when simply driving your car everyday is contributing to the greatest mass extinction of animal life this planet has ever seen.

    4. where the hell did you get these numbers, most of america's corn goes into enthol or food product production like corn syrup. Yes, some grain goes to beef and pork industries but that is for inferior meat production, generally free range and grass fed is preferred by everyone. as a stable the farm produce meat is still fairly efficient and low cost compared to say potato farming, which need gigantic amounts of patrolling based fertilizers and deal powered industrial harvesters. the danger is meat production is the industries obsessiveness with pumping animals full of hormones to make the animals produce more, faster and fatter.

    Sorry for the rant, my point its your diet doesn't make you special or better, none of them are, and two weeks in is too early for you to be tooting your horn about it.


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What Girls Said 13

  • 3. Way to insult people's beliefs just cause you don't agree with their response about eating meat. And also, yes God did put animals on the earth to provide food and other things. They even ate lamb and fish, so obviously eating meat isn't all bad. Plus It's not what you eat that's bad, it's how much of it that's bad cause to much of one thing is always bad for anybody.

  • The health stuff isn't necessarily true. I'm not a vegetarian but I do have a terrible diet, and the main problem foods are vegetarian. You also cut out fish which is immensely good for you.

  • I agree, I am also a vegetarian and if you eat sufficient other food products, it will become easier after a while :) I am a vegetarian since I was 12 and I don't miss it a bit. It is too cruel how animals are kept and treated... and that was the main reason why I became a vegetarian.

  • I'm a vegetarian most of my life. I will be vegan in the future but it's a gradual process. Being a vegan isn't just a diet, it's a philosophy and a lifestyle.

  • I agree with 3. The animals could and should be treated much better.

    • So that we can eat them respectfully? lol

    • @Super2nd Some things you can't change without being a dictator and overruling the wished of a majority. Small changes can make a difference. My uncle-in-law used to raise rabbits to sell or eat. My cousin used to take care and play with them until they were killed. The killing couldn't be stopped no matter how much my cousin begged, but they didn't suffer until the moment they had to die. To me it does indeed make a difference, because as long as they were living, they were treated respectfully.

    • That's noble ! you have my respect.

  • I love chicken nuggets a lot. But I agree, we should be more careful with our nature.

  • But its not

  • true

  • I would like to give a try

  • Yes it is better if you look at the health part. But seriously, if you were born eating meat, fish, and just, you know being a carnivore as we call it here lol, not knowing how to eat veggies, it's very veryyyy hard! It's like switching to a different culture, I could even compare it to things as serious as religions! (If you're an atheist who trashes about religions a religious person wouldn't care about what you say [I'm not saying I'm religious though])
    Therefore, I need a veggie lesson/training lol. Though our church held a training like that, I couldn't bear to see those green, yellow stuffs! Especially the squash blehh

    • Also, in no. 2, one can be allergic to beans and nuts so...

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What Guys Said 32

  • 1. I certainly do not feel better after a vegetarian meal.
    You might... but most people do not.

    2. People do not eat simply to meet nutritional requirements. If this were the case, the world could just switch to that crappy powdered meal replacement "Soylent" which is so popular among techies in Silicon Valley/San Francisco.

    People often prefer meat because it tastes better than vegetables. I can tell you that I have never felt the same degree of joy from a salad or slice of tomato, compared to a sizzling wagyu steak off the grill.

    3. A crime against animals? That's a human concept, that only a few people buy into. A lion crushing the skull of a baby antelope for dinner does not care about the antelope's feelings. Why should any of us care? Humans treat other humans more inhumanely than livestock animals.

    4. Humans are a burden to the world. The planet cannot sustain 7 billion people. Does that mean we should all start killing ourselves? Lets pretend all meat is banned on the planet and everyone becomes a vegetarian. Wow... food for 15 billion people. The world dies even faster.

  • The information is out there and we know the pros against the cons. I weighed my options, I've done a few trials, and I have decided I do not want to be a vegetarian. More power to the people that want to do it, I don't want to do it. I don't know how much truth there is in what you're saying, but even if it is, I don't care enough, and I'm sorry for that, but what I get out of meat is worth it to me. And consider how the world would turn on it's head if we all stopped eating meat tomorrow. The industries that the meat industry uses would be damaged. Plus, several of our farmed animals were bred so much that they cannot live without humans helping them, and in an uncontrolled setting like farms, these animals would be considered overpopulated. So if everyone goes vegetarian tomorrow, we would either have to have one final feast using all the meat in the world, we would have to kill all the meat that's out there, or we would have to free the animals and let disease and starvation and the other affects of overpopulation torture these animals to death.
    I'm not knocking the vegetarian way. Good on you for doing good for yourself and the world. I personally think that from an economical and moral standpoint, we need a balance of vegetarians and meat eaters, but we shouldn't all be one or the other, and I don't think we ever will be all one or the other. I will also stand with you on the treatment of animals. We obviously disagree on whether or not they ought to be slaughtered, but I'm sure we can agree they deserve to live in good condition if they are going to be taken care of by humans. I do not like the concept of factory farming and I consistently do research to make sure my choice of meat comes from American farms that haven't fed their cattle just corn and haven't cut off the beaks of chickens. I think feeding cattle corn should be treated the same way as feeding dogs chocolate. They are not meant to eat that and they probably don't want to eat that. I know of a cattle farm that has their cattle grass fed, they massage them daily and even feed them beer which is healthy for the cattle and with the massages, reduces their stress, and I'm sure we can agree that animals in the care of humans should be seen as beings to care for and not just product we buy and sell. After that point, we can disagree on what happens. I also believe, despite being a meat eater, we humans will go completely vegan in about 100 years time, but we have to get there in increments.

  • 1) Happier - just about anything can make a person happy. Eating meat makes people happy also. So does eating ice cream.

    Healthier - that's just plain wrong. You have to work HARD to live healthier on a vegetarian diet. If you put that much study and effort into a meat diet you'd live even more healthy.

    Live longer - You say you've been a vegetarian for two weeks. I was a vegetarian myself for five years. I've known vegetarians for 4-5 decades. Almost all of them eventually started eating some meat again. That's because the long term health affects of vegetarians, even well informed vegetarians, can cause a lot of problems. As I said, it is HARD to eat healthy being a vegetarian. Keeping that up over several decades is not easy.

    2) Protein is a minor issue. Meat is packed full of all kinds of nutrients. Nothing else comes close to that. Just a small amount of meat makes the rest of a healthy diet so much easier without having to jump through hoops to do it.

    Yes, vegetables are easier to digest, but that does not equate to being healthier. There are animals that are perfectly healthy taking weeks to digest a single meal.

    3) Crime against animals for doing what is natural? Come on now. Is a lion, or wolf, or dolphin a crime against nature? It's not a crime against nature, it *IS* nature.

    4) I question this. I've seen this type of statement many times over the years, but never seen a legitimate source. With meat, you are basically taking low grade, limited nutrition grains and turning it into very high quality nutrition. Wheat and corn are no substitute for meat, not even close. Not to mention that cattle can graze on land that's pretty much crap for other agricultural use.

    • The most nutritiously packed meats are bivalves and they are also the only ones that could be considered ethical due to their lack of a centralized nervous system and in accordance with the laws of nature it would make zero sense to waste food as animal feed when you could simply use the land to grow food for humans.

  • 1) You make a good point about harmful chemicals in meats. Processed meats are less healthy than unprocessed meats. Animals are injected with hormones and antibiotics, are often kept in bad conditions leading to a high level of cortisol, are often not fed a proper diet. This can be avoided by eating grass-fed, free range meat. Even better, if possible hunt wild game.

    As for chances of heart failure are 50/50 at a young age? That's nonsense. That comes from the idea that saturated fat clogs the arteries and that dietary cholesterol impacts blood cholesterol, this has been found not to be true however. It also comes from flawed studies on meat eaters vs vegetarians where they basically studied a small sample of meat eaters, not taking into consideration their lifestyles which might include smoking, eating fast food, drinking alcohol - all of which would contribute to bad heart health and which vegetarians tend not to do. It's not the meat that causes the heart disease.

    It's not true at all that you can get more protein from plants, it's much easier to get protein from animal based foods. In fact eating only plant proteins causes more nutritional deficiencies than avoiding them altogether.

    As for resources, in order to grow more vegetables you need more fields. This means more deforestation - cutting down the homes of many wild animals, which if you care about animals is a bad idea. Then you have to cultivate the soil - as you plough the soil you kill all of the animals already in the field, like mice. They get ripped to shreds. Then you plant your crops. A common crop that veggies love is soy. Many see it as the answer to the lack of protein in a veggie diet. Firstly it's toxic both to humans and to animals, it inhibits reproductive health, suppressed thyroid hormone, disrupts the endocrine system, and increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer. It also mimics the effects of estrogen - it's not good for you if you're a woman, and definitely not good for you if you're a man - unless you want decreases strength, low testosterone and increased cortisol. It's also one of the most heavily sprayed crops - most of the crops have to be sprayed. Most of the positive stuff you hear about it comes from companies marketing soy. In the winter in northern countries you also have to import a lot of vegetables from warmer countries, which uses tons of fuel - not so good for the environment. Veggie diets actually use more resources than meat diets.

  • 1. Ammonia is a natural occurring substance found in the body that is made of broken down protein from the intestines. Most food grade ammonia is made from fat trimmings. in minute amounts, it is virtually harmless and poses no threat to the body. The scraps that are used in dog food are literally just cartilage and fat, which most people eat from boned meat. Nothing wrong with those parts, as they have essential fats for both dogs and humans.
    2. Meat for a fact contains more protein than any veggie or nuts per ounce. You may not need all the protein you are eating, but it has shown meat based diets like paleo have worked in successful weight loss trials. Meat also contains key amino acids not found in any plant based food.
    3. Not all animal farms are cruel to the animals. Most farms shown abusing animals are in foreign countries. Ex. cattle are killed with a gun that shoots a small rod into their brain, causing immediate death with no pain. A much better death than a slow painful one at the hands of a pack of wolfs or a mountain lion. The wild is much more of a cruel world than humans are.
    4. We produce the corn and wheat to feed the animals because it was determined that not only are we wasting the crops by not feeding it to the animals as opposed to burning it, but it can be just as healthy to the animals while also fattening them.

    I do agree that some things need to change as far as the production of meat is concerned, but there is nothing wrong with eating meat.

  • I'm not going to go veggie, or vegan (which does make sense if you want to eliminate animal suffering), but I try to avoid the worst of the meat industry and don't eat meat daily.

    Re: 3, Butchering isn't the problem, it's what happens before they die.


    "The pigs are so desperate to get out of their crates that they often spend weeks trying to bite through the iron bars until their gums gush blood, bash their heads against the walls, and suffer a disease in which their organs end up mangled in the wrong places, from the sheer physical trauma of trying to escape from a tiny space or from acute anxiety (called “organ torsion”).

    So cruel is the practice that in 2014, Canada effectively banned its usage, as the European Union had done two years earlier. Nine U. S. states, most of which host very few farms, have banned gestational crating (in 2014, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, with his eye on the GOP primary in farm-friendly Iowa, vetoed a bill that would have made his state the 10th).

    But in the U. S. states where factory farms actually thrive, these devices continue to be widely used, which means a vast majority of pigs in the U. S. are subjected to them. The suffering, pain, and death these crates routinely cause were in ample evidence at Smithfield Foods, as accounts, photos, and videos from DxE demonstrate."

  • Its all political points than a nutrition one.
    your body works more efficiently when you consume proteins, carbohydrates and fat from different resources than a limited one.
    You need all kind of food to develop a strong healthy body. especially if you are a man.
    As long the animal products is organic, you dont have problem at all.

    • 1. There are enough plant sources to provide you with all the variety of carbs, proteins and fats that you need.
      2. You do not need meat to develop a strong healthy body.

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    • @Super2nd Actually many plants do provide all essential amino acids. Black beans for instance do. Also, there are some minerals more abundant in meat but there are none that are exclusive to meat and many body builders use supplements (not just vegans).

    • @Ad_Quid_Orator Yes bodybuilders use supplements but the vegan ones tend to take more to compensate the lack they got from being only vegan.

  • I agree with SuperMan89s. Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are more of a political move rather than nutritional. I'm about to start working on a second degree in Nutritional Science/Dietetics.

  • 1. That's wrong.
    2. This is just completely wrong.
    3. God didn't put animals on earth for us to eat, but the evolution did.
    4. Meat is a basic foodstuff and also the most important source of nutrition.
    Makes zero sense to eliminate it.

  • While I do believe that meat is important in our diets because we are biologically omnivores, it's nice to find a vegetarian who actually knows some good reasons for his diet. Not another one of those "I love animals" people who don't realize that by eating plants, they're essentially taking away many animal's foods.

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