Deep sleep round 2... what the hell is going on anyway?

OK here we go again. Yesterday i posted a similar question, and Lastgirlsscout told me that when we hear familar sounds when we're asleep we tend to ignore them and not wake up.

Look what happened today... i was supposed to wake up 9:00 and i set my alarm clock to ring at 9:00 and 6 different notifications on my phone to ring every 10 mins from 9:00 to 9:50. didn't wake up. IMAGINE for a full hour alarm clocks were ringing continuously and i was STILL asleep

Of course i've tested them before to see if they were working, and they did.
Then i had a call (ONLY ONE) around 10:45 and i woke up by the call and only!!! Strange isn't it?

I'm lucky because if they didn't call me only a god knows what hour would i wake up LOL

Also my sleep hours today increased again!!! they were 6, became 6.5 and now i slept 7 hrs... gosh!

So this might be true, that when we hear familiar sounds when we're asleep we will ignore them. When someone calls me i get a different sound than the one from the sound i chose for the alarm clock

If i change the alarm sound will i be able to fix it, and come back to my normal 6 hrs and wake up earlier?
Deep sleep round 2... what the hell is going on anyway?
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