How may I go from an obese male to a marathon runner?


Hello, I'm a 21 year old male, I weight 404.8lbs & my height is 6"3. I'm a former high school athlete that let himself go right after he graduated. I used to play football varsity & track in high school with a side of tae kwon do & boxing. I've eventually stopped going to TKD & Boxing as well, ever since i graduated in 2013 I've been a couch potato & a heavy eater.

I've met a lady last year that I currently like very much and she's inspired and motivated me to get back into shape & go back to school. She's a 21 year old high school teacher & cross country coach "where i got my goal to be a marathon runner." I'm just bored of my current lifestyle and I want to make a major turn in my life and make a man out of myself mentally and physically. I want to get back that motivation to compete again and make myself better.

My goals are to lose 200lbs & become a dedicated runner. I realize that this may take small steps but I'm willing to go for the "long run" (pun intended) and just do my best in this for myself and her, but mostly myself because my health is something that matters to me.

How may I go from an obese male to a marathon runner?
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