What sport do you like and WHY do you think you like it?

Seriously iv never understood how some people are into certain sports, I know in Europe "soccer" is considered the most popular sport to watch while in the USA "Football" is.

But why do you think people like these sports, I mean if these two sports (and all the others too) were really that interesting than why is it whenever anyone plays either one of them on a pitch with there friends (both really good casual players and not), there is never a flock of people gathered round to watch, truth be told, no one would care let alone be willing to pay money to come and see.

I personally think the reason why people like watching these sports is because they have grew into it and their parents molded their own interests into their kids and so it goes on. Also iv noticed when anyone talks about "soccer", the main topic of conversation will be the actual players themselves and what they are up to and how much a player is worth and the transfers. why never the actual sport of "soccer" itself?, it seems like without all these added extras like country and city teams and managers and in general just all these extra emphasis on making things seem more important, I doubt people would even have an interest in broadcast sports. I think the main appeal is the recording of statistics on games and the fame of the players themselves. If a match didn't mean anything and there was no league, no one would care.

I watch MMA and Boxing and I also enjoy participating in them myself along with any other sport but MMA and Boxing are the only sports that I would also find fun to watch along with physically do.

Whats your opinions?

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everyone's missed the other point to the question which is what do you think is the reason behind liking the sport you like
What sport do you like and WHY do you think you like it?
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