Need help Advice please?

I am a 31 year old female who is a very fuzzy , picky eater Im 5'1 and my weight is 39 kilos and I have a BMI of just 16 I have seeked professional help by seeing a doctor but so far have not got much help they cannot see that I have a problem so I thought try one last time by asking on GAGS if anyone has any advice or tips on what I can maybe do?

I have been a fuzzy eater since I was 7 I basically survive on just 1 to 2 very small meals a day its not that I dont want to eat because I do but the problem I have is that i have a weird imagination and dont know how to fix it for example when I look at food such as porridge I just see baby vomit when I look at broccoli I just see little trees when I see things like leek , spinish I just see grass and I dont know how people can eat it
I also have this other problem where I often convince myself I won't like something so I won't try it and if I do as soon as it touches my tongue I spit it out I can't eat juicy chicken it has to be dry I cannot have milk on my cereal I have to eat it dry with some sugar on it as I hate the soggy taste when I look at myself I just see this fail very skinny anorexic girl with ribs and bones poking out

anyone have any advice on what I can do that may be able to help me to get rid of my weird immaimagination and that nay be to help me to stop myself from convincing myself I won't like something so that I can eat like a normal adult
Need help Advice please?
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