How can I stop anxiety and low blood pressure?

im20 and a girl. I used to be a very shy girl all my life and had no friends in school. now I'm in college and been working at warehouse jobs and made a few guy friends there. recently since a year ago I started getting anxiety and worry a lot. I get anxiety attacks 2-3 times a year then after 1-2 weeks its over and Im normal for a few months. I take online college classes in business and start next semester in February, I quit my job 3 months ago cuz it was a bad job and lost weight due to stress and working graveyard and heavy boxes, I was 90lbs and now 95lbs. iv been struggling to find a new job and get rejected. I have no girlfriends cuz they are all jealous and just have a few that I text and hang out once a month. I haven't seen my dad in 3 months and finally saw him and was crying and felt little relieved. I use a meditation app with excersies everyday morning and night for 3 hours. I got attacks 3 nights now and one morning, but last night didn't get an attack just crying and I was using that app and calmed my body and mind. but I get low blood pressure, and want to know how to stop it, I have drank coke and ice-cream but don't want to rely on that everyday, I want it to stop, I forgot to tell the doctor that but said I was fine and was just an attack of anxiety. what do I do? I feel tired and want to be in bed. iv been out everyday doing errands and my mind is exhausted, these attacks started in the 31st , I will do yoga and walk my my dog, but my mind is so tired I have no physical energy. I want my blood pressure to be normal again. help
How can I stop anxiety and low blood pressure?
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