How much weight can I lose eating 800 calories a day?

I eat two microwave dinners (700 calories)

And 10 teaspoons of benefibre (100 calories)

I'm 5"3 weight 174 pounds, am at 50% bodyfat. 23 years old. and can go 48 hours without food and not feel hungry.

If you weighed me with no fat on my body I'd be 80 pounds.


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  • I can't believe you count the calories in benefibre, this should only be used to top up your fibre intake not be it entirely.

    Also you know that 800 calories is not enough, 1200 should be about the least amount you intake. What your doing is not healthy or nutritious, your get run down, your gums will suffer badly, face will probably become spotty and as for internal damage who knows.

    Why don't you up you calorie intake a bit by adding some vegetables and fruit, you'll probably find by eating a bit more you'll actually lose more weight & fat because your body won't be in starvation mode like it is now.

    Try 4-6 smaller meals a day to keep your systems going and stave off hunger. Protein is filling and keeps hunger at bay for longer so up this along with fruit & veg.

    This is what I am currently doing but I am getting lots of protein, fruit & veg inside me

    • My two microwave dinners consist of 40 grams of protein. Which is all that I need at 50% bodyfat...I also have all the grain that I need in one day... but your right at the benefibre... since it's waste anyway, the calories in benefibre don't mater. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Right, and how much salt is in these products? And fruit & veg? None I guess otherwise you wouldn't need the benefibe. I take two of these a day, like I said too add to my fiber intake not to be all of it. Natural is better where possible.

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  • Well if you want to loose fat and not just muscle and water I would suggest eating at least 1000 cal throughout the day consisting of (5) 200 cal meals starting as soon as you get up so that you can bump your metabolism up as quickly as possible and then keep it at its highest level throughout the day. Also don't forget to drink lots of water and NO carbonated drinks.

    • Great suggestion.... but WHERE can I get a 200 calorie meal unless I'm on jenny craig which has the most unhealthy food choices ever and does not leave you satisfied.

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    • I forgot to mention 2 supplements you should check out. The first is Whey Protein, since you seemed concerned about adding more protein to your diet this is one of the cleanest ways to do just that. The second is Brewers Yeast which will change the simple sugars you consume into usable amino acids that your body can use instead of storing as fat. Check 'em both out see if they look like something you could use. Anyways, hope the info helps.

    • Wow thanks... I'll definately look into that.

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  • This is not healthy. Microwave dinners lack a lot of nutrients and they are high in salt. If you want to lose weight and be healthy please do it the correct way.

    1) buy some fresh veggies and steam them

    2) take vitamins

    3) Work out 3-5 times doing cardio and throw in some weight sessions every other session.

    4) stay hydrated

    5) Eat some grains for breakfast

    • I definitely agree, and there are so many ways to make veggies taste great

      look ups some recipes and fall in love with eating healthy

      it sounds to me like you are on the brink of an eating disorder

      i was in your shoes at one point and it was no fun at all

      please use your head and take our advice

    • Why do you have to steam the veggies wouldn't you get even more vitamins and nutrients going to a raw diet? And less prep time / hassle?

    • Yes...raw veggies are good too. It all depends on what you waht to eat

  • im not sure exactly how much you would lose but my older sister is on a 900 calorie diet and she lots 11 pounds in like a week are something close to that so you should be losing about 7 to 8 pounds a week just don't forget to work out some so that your body doesn't look flabby when all your weight is gone

  • Hi,

    my advice would be dump that microwave crap and learn to cook.