Does it really matter?

I love being plus size. I where a size 20 and I have 40DD's and I have an hourglass figure . I work out (at least three times a week) , go dancing , eat right and don't dress like I'm hiding myself from the world or ashamed of my body.I am supposed to be plus size I think it looks good on me and though I have lost some weight due to societal pressures I don't intend to lose any more. My thought is if I love my body then screw what other people think. The thing is though that it seems none of the high school guys (I'm a senior) seem to like anything that's different from a 120 pound blond who is shallow and ditsy but looks wonderful in a bikini. Its just something that annoys me. That some people will look at me or even other plus size women and assume that they are depressed and lonely and would make a horrible person to have a relationship with. So I'm asking does size really matter so much that you would turn down a beautiful humorous intelligent voluptuous woman to be with a toothpick sized girl with no curves or personality just because that's what people now days accept? And Why don't high school guys like curvy girls?

this is my actual body size I so you have comparison for the answers




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Does it really matter?
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