Is it normal to feel like this after doing cardio for the first time in years?

I have been specifically just doing training for my arms, a lot of bicep, hammer curls, variations of push ups, and zero cardio. I just had my last college class yesterday so I wanted to start doing cardio to get ripped and maybe a six pack before the summer because I have two months of free time. I went out today , walked for over two hours (had to do an errand somewhere so I walked instead of taking the bus ) and did light jogging. It was raining and kinda chilly outside but not chilly at the same time, I had an umbrella though. When I came home I was tired and kinda cold occasionally I just thought it is because I haven't eaten much, so I eat lunch and now I am very tired. I am just curious because about two hours of walking and light jogging shouldn't make me this tired but at the same time, last time I did this much cardio was like four years ago... so i don't know anyone else have this experience of extreme tiredness after doing a new excercise? Also should I work out arms when very tired or just do it tomorrow?


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  • When I first started going to the gym I was so tired I could go to sleep when I got home. It was like that for a few weeks/months, then I got used to it. Also you should work out when you're healthy and fit. Especially 'cause you haven't done much cardio for 4 years. They say you need 24-48 hours rest between sessions. Hence why most lifters go for leg-arm-cardio repeat. That way your muscles and body can recover. Personally I wait for the muscle ache to die down, that way I know my muscles recovered and I can push them again.

    But that's overall advice, you're free to do as you please.

    • that was really helpful. But none of my muscles are achy , I just feel very tired/sleepy, no other symptoms will I be good after a night's sleep?

    • Yeah you'll be fine after a good night rest. I remember being super tired after my first workouts as well. When I woke up the next day I was fine. I think you're body is just tired from exercise it isn't used to. If you regularly do cardio again you won't have to deal with being tired anymore.

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  • You’ll get used to cardio in less than a week trust me bro


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