Is this guy a natural athlete?

first time skipping rope was 10 minutes without stopping
was able to squat his bodyweight with a barbell all the way down
ran a sub par 6 minute mile his first time
was able to bench 15lb's more than his bodyweight for the first time

for a first timer by the way


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What Girls Said 1

  • Nah. That's common.


What Guys Said 2

  • It might be his first time at those particular things, but he's been active. A couch potato isn't going to do those things on their first try. Some activities can easily translate into other activities.

    I don't know much about squats. But benching +15 over his weight doesn't sound like much. Again, a couch potato isn't going to do that, but I think any reasonably active person could. I think I probably did 50-70 over my weight the first time, but I was in good shape and had done lots of push ups..

    I might be remembering wrong, but 6 minute mile on the first try sounds fast. He's done at least some endurance activities if he did that. (it also depends on his height)

  • Pretty good but not significantly different from the average joe


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