Paincave setup?

Rate my paincave, what does yours look like? Post pics!Paincave setup?


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  • I don't have pics, but l built a pretty sweet iron gym in my basement. All kinds of implementd. Only thing I wish I had is a cable crossover

    • dang! id loved to see that

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    • Started about 10 years ago. Bought a basic bench/squat rack combo and a 300lb set from a sports store. Missed a hook one day on a failed bench press and almost killed myself, so l upgraded to a power rack. Absolutely fucking indispensable piece of equipment. It's saved my ass countless times, in addition to being the most versatile thing in my gym. Added more stuff here and there, as I needed it: built a log bar from a tree I cut down, got a good bench, picked up a high/low cable and leg curl/extension station from the fire house when they upgraded. Bought weight here and there. I'm still adding as l try different techniques and stuff, but l haven't been able to part with $1300 for a crossover... yet, lol. Most recently, l bought a new Ohio Deadlift Bar.

    • damn, our gyn setup here is nothing we got a bench a ton of weights and like a multi purpose pulley system for chest legs etc you can use it for everything
      But thats not what I use anyway lol the other side of my family loves the strength workouts and im an endurance cardio addict

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