Has anyone that experienced an SVT episode had it happen before/after sex?

I just had my first SVT experience.
It was rather scary and I can't stop thinking about it.
I did find that I was dehydrayed and had an infection.
But it didn't come on without provocation.
I woke up and noticed my boyfriend was somewhat erect.
So I started to stroke him and such.
When I picked up pace my heart started racing.
So... was curious do many of you experience it during arousal?
Or during or after sex or intimate contact?


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  • There is no doubt that the heart picks up its rate during arousal (read "The Naked Ape" or any A&P book) , but not to the point of an SVT. Or, just because your heart races a bit, it isn't necessarily an SVT. Have it checked out by a Board Certiied Cardiologist. And stay hydrated: once you feel thirsty, you are probably dehydrated by at least 3-5%.

    • I did have an SVT. We had to call the ambulance and that's what I was told because my heart rate was over 200. It lasted for over a half hour. It was my first one so I thought something really bad was happening. I was dehydrated and I have an infection.

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    • Yea, I didn't even know what SVT was until it happened if I'm honest. The ambulance guy had to explain it to me. I was scared because he said he was going to do an iv to give me medicine to reset my heart and that it would make me feel really bad for a few seconds. But he couldn't get the iv going and went to try the other arm and when I lifted my other arm and turned so he could get to it better my heart rate sorted itself out. That's another reason I was wondering about. I was laying on my left side when it happened (had been sleeping on that side) and woke up and then rapidly started jerking my boyfriend (sorry for the tmi?) with my right arm. The heart rate sped up during that and fixed when I moved my right side. So I wasn't sure if it was oddly related.

    • Points in passing: Body position can contribute to and/or cause various things to happen in our body. Two of the more common: 1. you are lying down & suddenly sit up & rapidly feel faint. That is positional hypotension. Sitting up rapidly can cause a temporary slow-down of blood to your brain, causing fainting or near-fainting; 2. Switching from lying on your left side to your right and getting "heartburn". Contents enters the stomach right to left; lying on your left side holds contents, lying on your right allows it to drain back to the throat causing heartburn.

      Re: the dehydration. Your body maintains "interstitial fluids" surrounding cells and you have to maintain a steady supply of water for your body lest that go out of balance.

      A note about IV's - Sometimes, an EMT or other trained first responder will be requested to start an "IV - TKO". That means while it is not immediately needed, it is there and waiting should the situation worsen: the TKO stands for "To Keep Open".

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  • Nope. Sounds like your heart started racing because of the lack of fluid means thereโ€™s not as much to be pumped around your circulatory system and infection means your system dilates - 2 factors that decrease BP so itโ€™s no wonder you caused that affect, anything somewhat active or stressful would have likely done the same. Should have just rested up with plenty of fluids and antibiotics.

    • Well I didn't know I needed the fluids or antibiotics until I had that happen. So unfortunately that wasn't something I could predict. But I get what you're saying.

    • Yeah, basically your body was trying to compensate for this by releasing hormones to make your heart beating faster. People who develop a severe infection (not saying you did) can go into septic shock (cardiac arrest), the positive Portsmouth sign is a predictive sign of this - the systolic BP becomes lower than the heart rate.

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  • Not really. But what does your boyfriend having an erection have to do with it?

    • It has to do with it because I started rubbing his cock, okay? My heart started racing because I was getting aroused. So I was just wondering.

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    • That's crazy lol. I can't believe you finished after you got home from an e. r trip ๐Ÿ˜‚. Maybe you should've rested up. Was this the only issue you had? How much is he packing that this happened? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Yea I can't believe it either. I just felt guilty for not helping him finish. I said I needed to lay on my right side because laying on my left side made me feel sick. I felt fine on the right side and he cuddled up behind me and got excited again. So we just decided to go for it.

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  • What the hell is an STV? I swear people come up with new terms daily

    • Supraventricular tachycardia. It's kind of a fancy way to say a really fast heart rate. Up to 300 I think is possible, but I might be mistaken.

    • What the hell that's scary

    • Yea no kidding. I don't think I could handle 300. 210 was scary enough for me.

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