Is it normal to have no appetite when you are sleep deprived?

I didn't sleep very well last night but its not my chest or heart or body that is tired - its my brain. I feel depressed, the way you would feel if you had spent 16 hours playing a video game and died right before you accomplished your goal.

Today the only thing I ate was
- 1 tomato
- 6 potato chips
- 8 individual Humpty Dumpty cheese sticks
- 1 small coffee with creme and sugar from McDonalds

This might be the first time in around 21 years where I lost my appetite from depression.

I don't know if I'm actually depressed or if I'm just sleep deprived. The sleep deprivation is caused partially by stressful events in my life last night but also by my stupid desire to be productive when I should have been sleeping which offset my circadian rhythm.


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  • I have insomnia and I go through not wanting to eat phases all the time. I can go days without eating hardly anything.


What Girls Said 1

  • It can happen with depression to lose your appetite and sleep deprivation can make your depression even worse, which is probably also why you have no appetite


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