How do you deal with emotional anxiety attacks?

i get those a lot lately, roughly speaking a year now, i think am becoming less stable by the time, cause i find it hard to hold it?
i feel great loneliness suddenly and feel like crying sometimes for no reason at all.
but i don't know i don't think this is healthy, yet I don't know what what to do? should i go with with it? or try to hold it? and distract myself?


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  • Go with it one time and try to logically think your way out if it. I’ll explain a bit more if that doesn’t make sense

    • please do!
      do you mean to go with the dark thoughts and this overwhelming feeling then trying to logically convince myself there's no good reason for this and then by concluding that nothing is worth all this hustle i shall calm down?

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    • designing and arts
      computer graphics

    • If you’re actually good at designing and arts and computer graphics you could just get a side hustle on fiver or red bubble. As for psychology, This is actually a really good place to talk to a lot of different people, up to a few months ago I was pretty obsessed when it came to talking to people one here about different things. Just make stuff in your spare time, write ideas down. Maybe even learn coding, html is the best place to start in my opinion

  • Heyy I have anxiety problems too, I've just been prescribed mirtazapene from the docs and will soon have therapy too. I find the meds are working well as it's stopping me from those moments where I feel like I'm m going to either blow up or beak down. Distracting really helps too, just tiring myself out doing as many things as possible to make sure I'm tired enough I can actually sleep 😊

    • right now i'm unemployed, i don't have therapy nor meds as a choice, and i have a lot of free time, with a tight budget, do you have any tips?

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    • no that's alright, okay two things,
      a- can you please provide a link for the open uni website you mentioned?
      b- and i know you're talking from your experience, but i'd appreciate your opinion, do you mean by sex the intimacy and the physical admiration that comes with it?

    • Sure thing it's > full-catalogue or > openlearn > free courses

      Re sex yes I believe it helps with the symptoms of anxiety, I think it's the intimacy and the comfort and also like you said the physical admiration too.

      When I'm having an actual attack I try to visualise a time in my life where I felt the safest, for me it's usually my bedroom in the first house I grew up in and the second I remember my grandparents at Christmas time, and I also made a silver ring to wear and made a really small ring attached to it that sits inside my hand when I wear it and I can fiddle with it and it grounds me a little bit, but I know you're hard up at the mo but if you have something small to hold on to it could help 😊

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