NOFap opinions?

I’ve been doing NOFap for 11 days now and feel more energized and focused than before. I wanted to know if anyone here has tried it and what is her/his opinion on it. I know that women can’t really do NOFap but i would appreciate their opinion


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  • Not masturbating is good. I think that the
    NoFap community is quite cultish and they tend to over-exaggerate when it comes to the benefits and they use a lot of bullshit science.

    The reason that not masturbating is good is that it increases the number of androgen receptors in the brain, whereas frequent masturbation increases the number of estrogen receptors and decreases androgen receptors.

    Estrogen and androgen receptors are the cells in the body that use estrogen and testosterone. More andorgen receptors = testosterone has more of an effect. More estrogen receptors = estrogen has more of an effect. As a man testosterone is essential for health and well-being. A shortage of it leads to low libido, fatigue, low mood, anxiety and depression. More of it leads to better physical and mental health.

    Porn also has been proven to affect the brain in a similar way that drugs do. It affects the same part of the brain, the part that deals with dopamine.

    When you take drugs you get a hit of dopamine. The more dopamine hits you get, the more you desensitise your brain to the effect of dopamine, therefore you need more or harder drugs to get the same effect. This is how addictions form.

    It's the exact same thing with porn. Dopamine desensitisation. This causes many problems similar to low-t also.

  • I have not felt or seen a noticeable difference in myself. I did it for a month purely because I have an outrageously low libido. I didn't see anything change over the course of that vs after I had broken the chain.

    • It’s different for everyone, as you said you have a low libido, maybe if you have done it for longer you would have seen results (only predictions idk).
      Thank you for your response tho

  • Giving too much thought ruins the motive... I spotted the empty hours and filled it with a activity (more interesting of course)... so I don't bother I did it or not


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