Does this acne look like it is from hormones?

I thought my acne was going but more showed up yesterday and I’m so upset looks worse then ever what is going on I feel so shitty Does this acne look like it is from hormones?


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  • Question: do you use make-up? Specifically, foundation?

    In my teens I did a lot of dance performances using make-up. Without exception I had a breakout by the second performance. It cleared up within a day or two of the last show when I was back to just washing in cold water.

    Hormones may play a part, but if you don't add stuff to your skin that will block pores it'll be much easier to keep it clear

    • Yeah I wear makeup a lot to cover them up

    • It's a vicious circle. The more you mask, the worse it's likely to get because the oils your skin is producing to flush the toxins away get trapped by the base you use.

      I'm sorry, but the best way would be to quit the makeup foundation completely for a while, maybe use a facial scrub that has something like charcoal or a fine sugar soap (even just put castor sugar in liquid face soap?) to take off the dead skin cells as a once off, then just use cold water.

      I had a huge advantage in two areas over you: 1) I'm a guy and went to a boys only school, and 2) I never gave a crap about other people's opinions.

  • Could be from certain foods/drinks, stress etc. but don’t be upset... it’s not that bad

    • But more show up and I have red marks left over

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    • Sorry to hear, I hope it gets better in the future. But even if it doesn’t it’s nothing bad, I mean that

    • Thank you

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  • Yes, it might be a hormonal cause.
    Doesn't look like an allergic reaction, but best thing to do is just go to a dermatologist and/or endocrinology specialist to find the root cause so that you can fix it. And you shouldn't feel so shitty, none of us are perfect.


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  • Its not uncommon for girls to break out more when they get close to their periods. So maybe that? Also acne medicine can take up to a month to ckear everything up. But id ask your doctor S t. Ives face wash. Its done wonders for my brother and i's skin.

  • Hormonal acne is mainly jaw area but it can spread other areas as well. I had severe cystic hormonal acne and had to be put on accutane for it. I wish I could help you but nothing else helped me. I noticed that zinc is a pretty decent vitamin though. I haven’t tried dong quai and chaseberry but read that it helps with hormones naturally, maybe it is something to look into.

  • Change your pillowcase!! That's a huge cause of acne on cheeks


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