Anyone ever try the banting diet?

Did it work? I have a friend that's she'd loads of weight but can't just judge it on one personAnyone ever try the banting diet?
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  • i eat a lot of beans and veggies for carbs, nuts for good fat, fish seafood lean meat poultry eggs for efficient protein, and make my beverage choice water.

    I don't eat sugar, even in fruit, and try to eat as little saturated fat as possible. I feel top of my game. I can think all day and accomplish a billion things and learn new stuff. never have spike and crashes.

    Good luck!


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  • Can't see what's on the chart. to low resolution.

    Banting diets in general isn't a good choice to loose excess fat stored. only a thing desperate people fall for since it sounds good gives fast weight in a short time. the thing you rarely see is undernourishetment, chocked metabolism even crashing one, stressad organs, tiredness after the self preserving mechanism doesn't have more to give befor it ran out off joyce you will feel extremely good light energized just because it's for to give you that to get nutrition.

    Mostly you loose fluids and muscle tissue when you do that that very easily damages the heart since it's manly a huge muscle.

    If you want to lose excess fat you have to choose between 2 ways, keto or high metabolism.
    Both has it's positive and negative sides.
    What I have learned is that keto tends to make us sluggish in the brain and less gain with exercise.
    Only good for a while to make the body to repair itself instead of replacing.

    High metabolism makes you energized and brain gets a lot of energy whole day even for high active brains as long you keep it high, also burns excess fat when you are below maintenance level of how much your body needs (max about 500 kcal below).
    The funny thing is you have to bost the metabolism about one day of the week with about 500 kcal carbs to keep it high if your after to lose excess fat
    It's more flexible.

    Downside is you replace broken cells instead of repairing them and you need to eat enough with of the right carbs fats and protein, also enough with positive fluids.
    Also it gets more sensitive to get enough when you exercise a lot every day. that you spread it out over the day.

    Have noticed that eating 6 times a day with 2-3 hours between every meal is the most efficient and the biggest meal is breakfast, also eat before bedtime as big as the other meals, it gives better start when waking up also isn't to low on energy that makes us work better in the brain before breakfast. (no need for coffin to wake up or to work as a human being)

  • It's hard for me to read the graphic? What's this diet all about?

    • No/low carbs

    • See things like this always worry me.

      1. "Nutritionists" who come up with these kinds of diets dont really need in depth training. they can take a 5 day online training class and be certified. But I rarely see dietitians and doctors coming up with things like this and they have national standards they have to meet which makes me feel skeptical of these diets.
      2. The development/progress of society has strongly been linked to the development of bread. Se notice society really begins to take off when we start eating bread (pasta, etcl and I can't figure out why we'd want to cut out a food that seemed to really help us
      3. Obesity in america has only begun to become a problem fairly recently and up until the 80s eating carbs was never seen as bad. Countries like France and Italy have no problem staying thin and they love carbs which tells me carbs are the reason we are overweight/heavier
      I'm not really a fan of any diet that has you almost entirely cutting out a food group.

  • I am Hearing more About this Keto Diet. xx

    • fuck the keto diet. weight loss initially? yes. long term? health problems. too much ammonia produced in conversion to ketos.

    • among many other downfalls. need the beans as they are richest source of soluble fiber on earth to throw away metabolic waste. a diet without taking in 5 grams of SOLUBLE fiber 3 times a day will will have you at less than the top of your game

    • smartest nutritionist in the world and also very basic is Karen R Hurd. look her up. i know people who had stage 4 cancer she cured. she's brilliant unlike other "experts"

  • Never heard of it


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