Truth or Business?

New brand researches show that "losing weight" is more related to persons mind than his/hers food regiment or work outs so people can rest their mind and easily get fit with none of all these miseries
But teaching people how to control their minds is a cheap business while food industry, gyms, media, beauty business and other stuffs are a big industry and business
So which side would you take?
Or truth?
Your answer was truth? OK so here the next question coming:
If your job was in that business... Would you accept to lose it for the sake of the truth?
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  • But that isn't true.
    What you eat isn't that important, anyone who says just eat guacamole or something is full of it.

    What matters is HOW MUCH you eat, in calories.
    It is that simple, it is thermodynamics.
    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
    The body produces fat to store the excess energy is has taken in (eating too much).
    The body will keep that fat for as long as you don't use more energy than you take in.

    So the ONLY way to lose fat other than liposuction is to eat fewer calories than your body needs.

    And you cannot outrun a bad diet, as a calorie is a lot of energy.
    You can reasonably expect to need to RUN a mile for each 100 calories you want to exert.

  • Considering their is studys that show muscle growth is affected by state of mind. This do not seem like a huge jump.
    It would depend on how badly i wanted the paycheck


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