Girls, if you were a nurse and had to perform heart surgery on the man who raped you, would you try your best to save his life?

Many women claim to be rational creatures when asked but let emotions kick in more than men. Many women will not want to see her rapist's life spared. Women who have truly healed like they say will nit let this be a drawback to them.
  • I will do my best to save his life and hope he lives. Emotions shouldn't factor in.
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  • I will try saving his life but if he happens to die anyways, I would grieve or let it bother me.
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  • I will do what I can to make it look like I was saving him but try to kill him.
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  • I will kill him as revenge with this perfect opportunity.
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  • I am uncertain what I would do.
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  • I would just excuse myself from performing herat surgery on him.
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  • I'd probably ask to not be on the surgery because of a conflict of interest but if it wasn't possible to switch I'd just do the best job I've been taught how to do. He's caused me enough suffering already, I'm not going to risk losing my job for trash like that.

    • 7h

      Thanks for the MHO. But Quality Standards exist in Human Services for a reason. People aren't simple or predictable, especially at a hospital, so they have to be prepared for anything. That includes being professional first.

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