When is best to work shoulders?

Do you hit shoulders on chest day or back day? I tend to work them on back day occasionally but tend not to work them too much as mine seem to fill in pretty nice with light exercise?


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  • I prefer to not isolate shoulders because they're already used to do most upper body exercises, and because of that any shoulder isolation exercises can exhaust the them, which makes doing other upper body exercises a pain in the ass.

  • Honestly, shouldn't themselves shouldn't be a high priority to "train"

    If you can hit 1-2 Chest & Back days (assuming bodybuilding style training) then your front delts and rear delts should be getting pleny of stimulus.
    All you really need after that are some lateral raise (dumbell or cables) and traps (shrugs).

    I used to generally do them in an arm day (Shoulders, bis + tris) once a week.

    Nowadays I just add some lateral/rear delt work in whenever they don't feel fatigued. Lateral raises, shrugs and cable facepulls are my go to.

    Shoulders & arms are small muscle groups, no need to hit them with heaps of volume, especially if you're doing heavy bench/deads/rows etc.


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