Does lifting improve genetics?

Positive improvement post here. I was born with weak genetics lol! Proof? Well my grandparents were dwarfs ( grandfather 5'0 and grandmother 4'11) my father surprisingly and thankfully for me is 5'7 and I stand at 5'5 and a half. Lol could have been worse right. Now times were different in Asia during my grandparents time and high wasn't much of an issue. Average height in east Asia was low too and my grandparents were much respected by who they were. Anyways this post is not really about height either. I was also really skinny in school, narrow shoulders and had ugly face. After however lifting for 2 months I am seeing extremely high improvement. I can deadlift way more than I weight, my face is being more symmetric and I am getting a jaw line. Plus I am gaining lean muscles and looking much bigger. These are all facts that people around me say by the way. I feel I still have a long way to go. Now coming to conclusion. Is it improving my generics too?

Anyone who finds this post to be a pretentious bs please feel free to ignore. I don't think looks and muscles are the only way to self improvement but that's just what I aim to be. :) difference in perspective lol.
Does lifting improve genetics?
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