Would you work out after all for health and well being reasons even if you dont like your trainer?

Or for you the trainer or instructor is a must in order for you to decide to attend gym classes or regardless you still go as the important thing is to sweat and work out?

Tomorrow im going to participate in a local aerobic resistance competition in my area. It is some coreography (not dance) and there will be 4 different instructors giving the class for the competition. Eah instructor will ahve 40 minutes to give the classes. The difficuty of the coreography will be intermediate/

The thing Is Im going to participate as i like to exercise even if I dont win anything. I was supposed to go with another lady who also works out with me from time to time at the gym when we do group classes. She is a bit more overweight than I am I think im thinner than her. I work out for health reasons and to keep overall well. Many other people who attend our gym classes and we already know each other for many years will go as well.

So this lady told me

"I won't participate in this competition beause I dont like the instructors taht will do the competition, if there were other instructors I would had gone, but I dont like their choreography, it is too simple"

She prefer other instructors that also give us classes from time to time, but in this case for this particular competition those instructors were not hired , the ones she likes to do classes with.

Then I ask myself? Hello? This lady never does the choreography well in regular classes and the chorepgraphies are much difficult and now she is acting like she is all PRO and she ain't one. Im not PRO either but I will go anyway.

Have you find people like this at your gyms?


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  • I can do workout


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