Guys, Girly girl vs. Tomboy?

Who are you more attracted to, a girlie girl or a 'tomboy'?

I don't mean either in extreme. A girlie girl, as in a woman who wears make-up, very feminine clothing, is afraid to get dirty or break a nail, and may be a little shallow [stereotypically]. As for tomboy, I mean a girl who isn't afraid to get dirty, is not a lot of maintanence, likes sports and the outdoors, isn't afraid of things like snakes and other animals, and might wear either feminine clothing and occasionally a t-shirt and shorts, etc.

I've noticed guys who go for one or the other tend to be similar. I'm the kind of person who is okay with going to dinner or staying home and watching the football game with some alcohol. Dirt is not my archenemy and a sport is not fun unless it's rough-and-tumble. T-shirt and jeans are my friend, and dresses/heels are for ridiculously formal occasions. I'm not materialistic, money is not an object to me, and I'm easy to keep happy as long as my man is emotionally and physically supportive. I get along with men over catty women, and I understand men much better. I don't see why men wouldn't want another man's man who is female, attractive, and sassy. Where could it go wrong?
Guys, Girly girl vs. Tomboy?
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