Okay, what's your scariest medical moments?

I've had several back surgeries and spinal injections (one previous paralyzed me from the belly button down for 8 hours), and I always worry that I will wait up with permanent paralysis. Thankfully, that hasn't happened. But now I'm going through a cancer scare (my body hates me). So what's you're scariest medical moment? How did it turn out?
8 d
Well... didn't go well. Doctors are concerned and said it's probably cancer, but I won't know 100% without further tests.
18 h
Okay, so I had an inguinal orchiectomy yesterday. Doc is 99% certain its cancer. I have two weeks for pathology to tell me how bad.

Please, if you're a man, or have men you love, make sure testicular self checks are common. It's scary, but easy to best. We need to educate young men (15-40 y/o's are most commonly affected by testicular cancer) on how to make sure they are safe. It's just simply not taught like other cancer identifiers.
Okay, what's your scariest medical moments?
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