Do you really do not need carbs and sugar in your diet and only protein, dairy, fruits and veggies?

Do you really do not need carbs and sugar in your diet and only protein, dairy, fruits and veggies?
I mean with the IN diet of the Cetogenic diet. I always wonder if indeed the human body does not need legumes, beans, chickpeas rice, wheat bread, tortillas, oat , or any food or meal that contain carbs even some veggies. The same with the sugar. Im not saying extra consuming those things, of course not but there are people who do not eat them 100% so they are very picky when they eat even when they go out it is hard for them to find food places that do not serve anything at all with carbs.

I heard that with the Ceto diet you loose fat a lot of course but you are also loosing muscle at the same time and loosing muscle could be dangerous in the long run.

My sister, her husband follow that diet, they had always had a complex of being fat and they had followed in the past other diet programs but with the Ceto diet, they swear by it they had finally help them maintain being in a normal shape. A male cousin and his best pal in their mid 40´s also follow that diet on their own, as they focus and concerned a lot with the looks and physical appearance and they say most foods the human being eats is bad , bad here bad there. I do agree certain type of foods are dangerous and unhealthy I know and Im aware of it, but they can't assure ALL of the food is bad for you even the carbs they do not eat at all. If they eat some sugar is like a cheat meal once a week and that is all like one slice of cake or pie or something like that. Another cousin do not eat at nights to loose pounds

Sure I had seen them very thin now, but their faces look long and no fat tissue. They stick to nut milks, nuts, protein, veggies, but they do not exercise. Their diet is mostly the food, If they exercise probably they wil dissapear HAHA!!! lol!!! My sister even when she goes out to eat at restaurants they order food from the menu and if they come with soem carbs (potatoes, yuca, pasta, etc) they ask the waiter to take it out but she has to pay full price of the meal.
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For instance this coming Sunday there is baby shower at my house in honor of our half sister and the main meal is salad with lasagna as it is an easy meal for all the guests. Later in the day there will be some coffee time with some sweet and savory appetizers made with pastry or bread Guess what? My sister and her husband will bring their own lunch as they dont eat pasta or carbs and they won't eat either appetizers they will be just there staring at the rest of the people eat hehe LOL LOL!!

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There are many nutritionists I had read that are against the Ceto diet as they do not include all the food groups even if eaten in moderation and balanced and even some people in the gym and fitness world also against it.

So who are in favor of the Ceto diet?
Do you really do not need carbs and sugar in your diet and only protein, dairy, fruits and veggies?
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