How do you explain PTSD to friends and family?

I have PTSD from a number of traumas in the past. I'm not going to explain details because I don't want this to become an avenue for trolls or for people to one up in trauma.

My question is how do you as someone who suffers PTSD to friends and family so they really understand the difficulties of dealing with it and also the difficulty of "snapping" out of an episode.

My family thinks that my flashbacks, anxiety, night terrors are me dwelling in the past. Even when I've explained what triggers are and what my are they seem to think I'm being dramatic.

It's not my entire family, but it's enough members that it makes family gatherings difficult.

My brother who has PTSD from combat has even weighed in that he doesn't think a civilian can really have PTSD which is extremely frustrating.

I was horrified when I learned he was having issues and tried to reach out thinking we could support each other but he was not receptive.

I just get frustrated and at times anxious when I'm around my family because they treat my PTSD in a negative way. It becomes a bad cycle. I'm more likely to have an issue because I'm stressed by their reactions and they in turn react more negatively because they think I'm dwelling too much in the past.

Anyone been able to turn around negative responses from friends or family?

Was there a way you explained that helped get through to them?
How do you explain PTSD to friends and family?
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