Should I go to a therapist if I think I have OCD?

My symptoms are:
1. I bite my nails
2. I scratch my head until it bleeds
3. I brush my teeth 5 times a day at least
4. I get obsessed with spiritual topics
5. I re-read stuff I have written, a lot of times
6. I re-think my thoughts
7. I check things out a lot of times
8. I always knew my thoughts were not normal
9. I get images with me murdering a person aggressively, when they have pissed me off
10. I get really annoyed when I don't do things perfect
11. I avoid people who remind me of the past because I'm afraid
12. I think that people can read my thoughts when they look at me
13. I remind myself to breath, because I think I'll die if I forget taking breaths, and then I can't stop thinking about it, even though I want to
14. I check my moles and worry about developing cancer
15. I don't wanna be around certain people because I think they will transfer me their personality traits
16. I'm afraid that I can say something or behave in a way that will make people leave me for good
17. I overthink what I've said or done all the time
18. I'm really afraid of losing control
19. I used to believe I'm a witch
20. I worry about anything I'm about to do
21. I'm afraid to connect with people because I think that I will lose myself by reading their minds

(I'm 16 btw)

I have to say that:
1. I already have social anxiety even though I haven't been diagnosed yet
2. I experience the "exploding head syndrome"

My parents say that these obsessions are normal and that we all have them.
Should I go to a therapist if I think I have OCD?
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