How can you tell if someone had Autism?

Can you tell just by looking at someone in the face? I’m a 24 year old female , I was the first born my parents were around their 20’s when they had me. I was born in the us while my parents immigrated from Mexico. I know that nothing to do but most of Latino people aren’t always fully aware of autism or even other disorders unless they ask or seek for important Anyways, I obviously don’t know how I was when I was a baby or when I was a toddler but my family always said I was shy and still till today I’m a shy person.

As I grew older , went to school I notice that I was shy but open to making new friends at school. I honestly don’t know what are the symptoms of Autism but as I went on middles school and high school I notice I was still shy and very insecure of my facial appearance because unfortunately I have a big nose like my dad. Sometimes I think and ask myself if I’m shy and insecure and afraid of eye contact because of my big nose. Or is it because I have some kind of disorder? Hard to tell. When I started to get older I notice I get anxiety to be with people and is hard to make and continue a conversation and I can get a but awkward and nervous. I’m afraid to be judge
I’m always feeling insecure and uncomfortable. I don’t smile a lot because I either feel like having a smile on my face 24-7 will look weird. I have no idea what I have. Is this all because of my big nose insecurities or I have some kind of disorder
. Please any advice will be appreciated
How can you tell if someone had Autism?
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