How Can I fix this Issue Peacefully?

Hi, My father had left Mom when i was 7 Years old, I have two Older Sisters, One is 18 Years old and other is 21 Years old and she has a boyfriend too, My Mom always wants me to follow her instructions and obey to my both the sisters as well, she asks me to do all the house works and even to help my sisters, my sisters takes advantage of my situation and try to bully me, they even asks me iron their clothes and clean up there rooms, I feel irritated and if I don't do as they want, then My mom call my Sister's boyfriend at home and asks him to punish me by pulling and yanking my penis,

she asks my Sister's boyfriend to yank my penis as hard as he can, she asks him not to leave me, even if I starts sobbing or crying, once she got my penis yanked 20 times, I felt like I would die in pain or he would damage my penis permanently he leaves me I feel pain throughout the day, How do I deal with this situation? Can he damage my penis permanently? or Can I not be able to get hard in future? How can i Convince My sisters to stop this?
How Can I fix this Issue Peacefully?
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