Should I ask my family doctor?

I had bad anemia for many years and last year it ended after hospital care. But I still feel pain and more symptoms so I went through a lot of medical examinations and each one of them showed that I am fine. My doctor said the pain might be connected to stress, but I feel everything even when I feel relaxed.
Yesterday I felt vibrations inside my arms and hands when I was just laying in bed. It happened to me many times before so I wanted to search about it. I found that one reason may be Multiple Sclerosis. I don't want to diagnose myself based on the internet but many of the things I go through were described there.
My doctor is sick of hearing me complain I feel pain because the examinations I went through showed nothing. But MS has different diagnosis than what I did.
Now I don't know how to ask my doctor to check it out. Should I just tell her how I feel or should I say straightforwardly I want to check if I have MS?
It just really bugs me because my condition only gets worse over time.
Should I ask my family doctor?
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