Would you change your target weight for your partner?

When I told my ex that I'm freaking 128 pounds and really need to lose some weight and at least get to 110 pounds, my ex said that my original weight is too light and I should gain to at least 140. I knew my ex likes some meat in his woman but I really felt like I better lose some weight so I started working on that. He was supportive though, which I really appreciated. Unfortunately we broke up when I was still working on it, I lost three pounds before the breakup but I haven't stopped and I'm seven pounds down now, weighing 121 pounds.

If you were in my place, would you change your target weight? Or stick to your original goal like I was doing?
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Let's assume neither your goal weight nor your partner's desired weight would affect your health negatively. Of course you shouldn't set yourself up for an unhealthy weight for your height. I'm 5'2.5" so I'd say 128 was already quite healthy but I still want to slim down a little personally, but my ex just mentioned he'd like it if I gained a little more.
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Guys it's NOT about controlling you partner, wtf. What my ex did was only suggest me, he never enforced on me what I should do with my body and he was supportive of whatever I do as long as it's healthy. We still loved each other for who we were of course. Y'all making it seemed like someone's telling you to be a certain with or else they dump you, smh to that.
Would you change your target weight for your partner?
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