Body questions/weight questions?

So I'm 5 foot. I'm 188 lbs. Super unhealthy weight I know that. I eat between 800- 1,400 calories. I do stretches, dumbells for my arms, I try to plank and do wall sits for at least 30 seconds. I do a little bit of crunches and hardly any cardio. Although my body is toning up, I carry my weight pretty well, in certain areas. My weight is mostly in my legs, butt, boobs and belly. I dont look my weight honestly. I have 0 self confidence so please dont think I do, and trying to justify anything. I starved myself a couple years ago and my hips shrank and I wasn't as curvy but I got a bigger belly. When I gain weight and my hips get wider. I've always been curvy. I can't lose weight for shit. I dont understand my body shape or weight issues. Any ideas?
1 mo
Bust 38.5
Hip 46
Waist 34.5
Thigh 27
Calf 17
Arm 13
These are my measurements today...
Body questions/weight questions?
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