Do I have parasomnia or serious sleepwalking?

I am 25 years old young lady. I begin to get this kind of sleepwalking in 2016. It get worse in 2017-2018. Some day when I woke up, there's a small bruise on my leg and hands.
My friends and sister have witnessed me get up from sleep with eyes opened and walking around and sometimes I touched stuff and objects around me.
- I used to get up and switched on the light and checking my phone. But I didn't realized that I was doing it. When I woke up tomorrow, my roommate told me what I have done last night.
- I used to get up from bed and go to my wardrobe and took one blouse and get back to sleep with the blouse.
- I used to picked my headphone and put it on my head then continue to sleep.
- I used to holding and checking on my alarm clock and put it back aside.
- I used to get up and walk around the room which making my sister confused and see me get back to sleep after that.
- I fell asleep during texting and when I woke up I replied my friend's text but with weird spelling and funny to read πŸ˜‚

All these happened without me remember it or realizing it even though my eyes are wide opened at that time.

Sometimes I get the sleep paralysis where my body can't move even though I am awake. Could this be because of my PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)? I experienced few unwanted incidents during my childhood.
Do I have parasomnia or serious sleepwalking?
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