Why am I freaking out?

Dear GAG, I got tested for chlamydia and gonorrhoea in September during a smear test and the results appeared negative. I have a boyfriend and I have seen his record and he was negative too. 2 weeks ago I suddenly started to have the urge to pee all the time. No burning, no itching just peeing. I went to the doctor and some white blood cells appeared which could link up to a UTi. I took medicine, and they sent it to the lab and no infection appeared. I went to 2 other doctors, tested my urine and no infection. I even did an ultrasound scan and nothing is wrong with my kidneys or urine, I asked my doctor again for the std results and he reassured me its negative. How come, if it no UTi or std I have the symptoms of always needing to pee? this worries me so much that I did another test for chlamydia just to be sure, but I am freaking out if I do. Before I got together with my boyfriend, I did have unprotected oral sex a lot of times and this is what worries me.
Why am I freaking out?
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