Any therapists in town?

Recently I was diagnosed with Depression. And was wondering if anybody knows any good therapists in MN IGH, twin cities, Woodbury, or anywhere around and close to those areas? I would prefer it if it was a female therapist but male therapists are fine too.
4 mo
I appreciate any support but i am not looking to vent or confide in anyone, Ik what I need and so do my parents. I am already scheduled with a therapist for march 3rd but i want a backup just Incase this one doesn’t work out. Ik some of you might be very talented and capable, but i don’t know you nor do i trust you enough to share my problems or feelings with you. I’m sorry if i sound rude I’m not trying to be but its just hard to explain something when people dont understand why I’m depressed.
Any therapists in town?
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