Do you take Tylenol for low grade fever, or do you follow the “let it run its course” approach?

I’m not in a lot of pain. I was but it subsided, Like 30 minutes ago... now I’m just dizzy and coughing and wheezing a BIT and my skin hurts.

I have an objectively low grade fever, but my temp is also normally on the low side. It’s normally 95-96 F... so By the time I hit 97.9 I’m prob feeling slightly in well but not terrible. ... 98 on my way to a fever and def starting to fight something. 99-100 I’m really in the throes of fighting off whatever it is and I’m excessively unwell...

Doesn't feel low grade to me the way it did wren I was a kid and my temp was normally around 98.

So thing is it’s hard to measure bc as I say while 99-100 is not considered high, but it’s relatively high for me... so it’s indicative of real illness, but still not objectively dangerous.

Ideally , I want to fight whatever it is and not to repress my immune system nor stress my liver, by taking unnecessary drugs, when my fever is not even objectively acute in any sense.

... On the other Hand, even low levels of prolonged inflammation can harden your arteries over time and is possibly linked to respiratory illness and heart disease. I’ve been sick on and off a while, so it isn’t simply one instance or I’d just take nothing. I’m concerned about effects of chronic inflammation.

But... I also dk where the acetaminophen is, and I’m too tired to look — or id just take it instead of asking you guys here 😛

Oh and I was wrong earlier... It wasn’t 38 F in here it’s 62 F.. I’m just freezing inside.😅

To Tylenol or not to Tylenol—- thoughts? 🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
What’s up doc 🤓🥕 🤓🥕🤓
What’s up doc 🤓🥕 🤓🥕🤓
🤔🤔🤔Get up to look for it and leave it by your bed stand just in case.
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😴😴😴 Leave it alone, just sleep.
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4 mo

Good morning ☀️🌞☀️

Fever broke !!! 😅😅

I still feel like 🗑 but at least it’s a bit more peaceful 😇

Last night was HORRIBLE. Worst yet. Thank you for your support- it was distracting 😛.. Does anyone have a cold or flu 😷 🤒 🤧 ? ↗
Do you take Tylenol for low grade fever, or do you follow the “let it run its course” approach?
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