How can I stop coughing?

I’ve never had a cough this bad where nothing works to get rid of it. I’m coughing maybe 5 times in a row every minute or more. Constantly all day long. It’s a dry cough, I have some mucus every now and then but other than that dry. I’m to the point where I’m scared I’m going to start coughing up blood because it’s so dry and constant. I keep eating, drinking, taking cough drops, gargled salt water, and even took melatonin to try and go to bed early to stop coughing. Nothing has worked. I’ve coughed through everything including the drops, melatonin, I wake myself and my roommate up from coughing and I don’t know what to do.
4 mo
I’ve also noticed that when i’m not coughing, when I breathe my throat feels like it’s closing up. I also physically feel fin, not sick or anything, just the cough.
How can I stop coughing?
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