Should patient zero’s of the Coronavirus be publicly named?

Do you think people that spread the virus in each country should be named? Where I’m from a group of people who had been in a hot spot infected area in Italy still decided to make their way home knowing they had symptoms. They said that they had felt unwell before traveling but didn’t want to stay in Italy. They have not been named by the media but they are responsible for spreading the virus. And now 2 people have died that were elderly. If I knew I had a symptoms and was in a infected area, I genuinely wouldn’t return home until the I knew I was recovered. It just seems so selfish like a lot of these people know they have symptoms and still choose to travel or not isolate themselves properly. I know some unintentionally spread the virus but there’s a lot of people that are selfish and not practicing good way of containing the spread.
They should be named
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No they deserve to have their privacy and think the guilt alone is enough
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Should patient zero’s of the Coronavirus be publicly named?
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