Have you lied about your age? If so, why?

I have, I always make myself younger to get out of situations in which people are trying to sell me insurances or trying to get me to donate to their charity.

I've always looked older because of my height, I was offered whiskey in Scotland when I was 14 more than five separate times - people at the airport insisted I try their hard liquor in Austria when I was 15 (drinking age is 18 for that) etc.
I don't drink, I've only been driving for a few months, but I'm so tired of people assuming I'm older than I am lol.

Anyone else lie about their age?
Yes, I made myself older
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Yes, I made myself younger
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Yes, depending on the situation, I made myself older or younger
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No, but I will maybe lie about my age in the future
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No, I'd never do that
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Have you lied about your age? If so, why?
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