Should I break up with boyfriend of four years?

I just got a job as dental claims person. Its a really good job. I need to save up for school and buy a new car so I was thinking if I move back home I could live there for free and would be easier to save up. My boyfriend treats me like sh*t, I supported him when he had no job for six months, and I was without a job for the past month and he wined saying I need to get a job right away so I can help him fix his teeth! when I supposted him I needed to save money for school, but I put my wants aside to supposrt him! now when I needed to be supposted he got mad and said he couldnt. Now that I have a job he expects me to help him save up for his teeth to get fixed, when I need to save money for school anbd a new car myself. I feel like he is holding me back? so should I break up with him and move backj qwith my parents to save faster?
Should I break up with boyfriend of four years?
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