Am I living the worst 5 months anyone could have in their life excluding death?

My mom got diagnosed in December 2019 with Ovarian Cancer. Post Procedure and after studies are done we learn it was Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She's doing Chemotherapy for the next few months and is well now as well as someone undergoing chemo can be anyways. It's just the two of us at home now and I've been caring for her.
My brother works in finance and because of the Covid stuff going on he's unable to return home for the time being if he was in an industry where he doesn't have so many person to person interactions he'd probably be home.
On April 1st I had Lung Surgery for what I, the performing surgeon, and a pulmonary specialist thought was a non-cancerous nodule.
Found out about the nodule when I had gotten two consecutive strains of the Flu within a few weeks and went to the ER the second time. It was at the beginning of the year before Covid ever started spreading in the States. I do keep up with my Flu Shot annually so I chucked it up to awful luck. The ER had medical records on me I hadn't known about and told me that a nodule on my lung had grown based off the old records and tests they had done during my visit. Not wanting to overreact looking at MayoClinic information I had a visit to my PCP to get testing done which led to the surgery.
The nodule during surgery that we thought was non-cancerous turned out have cancer. Surgeon ended up removing additional surrounding lymph nodes and surrounding tissue.

This coming Monday we'll find out if I'm all set and cancer free or if I have Stage 2 Lung Cancer. In the event of Stage 2 Lung Cancer I'll have to do chemotherapy. So imagine being 25 never having smoked doing chemo while taking care of your mom who is also doing chemo and is in her mid 60s.
Am I living the worst 5 months anyone could have in their life excluding death?
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