What Do You Think of My Plan To Un-Mess Myself?

Quarantine has made me kind of into a mess.

- I haven't self-studied in forever
- I ditched a bunch of self assigned projects I have been working on
- I told myself I'd look at unis and apprenticeships to apply for in September but I still haven't!
- The only thing I wear these days is pyjamas and a hoodie
- Let's not even talk about my hair
- What even is AM and PM anymore?
- And my sleep schedule is officially just messed up in the messiest way

Like I thought I was a mess before, when life was "normal" but me before actually seemed really good and organised compared to what I am now!

I'm sorry, I know I have no place to complain really, especially given what I wrote about being thankful and all, and I am thankful for everything I still have, it's just I've kind of being getting myself a little stressed out lately with my college work, and applying to uni/apprenticeships, and being productive- and I do miss my friends from college and my other friends not from college and especially my best friend.

And I never thought I'd say this but I miss college as well a little bit.

Compared to everyone else's problems I know it's really nothing and I'm really lucky but still I don't like being this way. So I have a plan:

The first thing I need to fix is my sleep routine, so I'm gonna stay up all night- I mean I kinda already succeeded in that because it's almost 6:00 am, but I will not sleep until 10:00 PM today, then I'll wake up early tomorrow, and hopefully things should just fall into place because I won't feel like doing nothing because I wouldn't have spent most of the day sleeping!

And my best friend and I were talking and she told me she keeps a quarantine diary, to let out all her thoughts so she doesn't go insane so I'm gonna do the same thing! ^_^

And hopefully I should stop being a mess!

What do you think? :)

I feel like him on the end right now :P
I feel like him on the end right now :P
What Do You Think of My Plan To Un-Mess Myself?
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