Would you support a Fat Tax?

I would support several fat taxes.

Tax sugary drinks like 50%.
Tax sugary fruits like 25% as they are actually bad for you, especially if you are diabetic.

Tax body mass index every year on tax return. If you have BMI 30 you owe $500 at 30 and then $100 more for every 1 point above 30. This will be for each person in the family.

Because Obesity is the leading cause of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Hypertension, it makes sense to penalize Obesity as a means of paying for the cost of Medicaid and Medicare.
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1 y
Poverty does not cause obesity. It costs more to eat bad food than it does to eat good food. the healthy food on a restaurant's menu often costs half as much as the bad food, and you can always buy the food yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Most poor people are poor because they make bad life decisions and they refuse to educate themselves.
1 y
We should not reward fat people for eating wrong, nor should we reward poor people for thinking wrongly. So fat people cause the majority of medicare and medicaid spending, so they should pay a higher tax, and we should actually stop subsidizing food, because that rewards poor and stupid people for being poor and stupid. We sure as Hell shouldn't be exporting food to Africa below cost to support 8 children per woman, etc.
Would you support a Fat Tax?
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