Muscle soreness, how much is too much?

I think I really damaged my muscles today because I am dealing rn with delayed muscle soreness.
I don't know if anyone feels a lot of pain sometimes?
The pain is too strong it woke me up in the middle of the night, I had to take some pain killers now.
And based on that do you think it wise to train tomorrow again?
1 y
1 y
For people who asked:
It's embarrassing because I usually feel this kind of pain when I run at least 15kms and above.
Yesterday all I did is walk for an hour.
Then I did intervals till I reached 5kms with a build up.
And after each interval I did some fitness exercises like pushups, crushes and a bunch of leg exercises such as squats, jumping squats, pilot squat, lunges and so on...
The only resistance I used is an elastic band.
Finally the muscle group that's sore are my legs.
Muscle soreness, how much is too much?
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