How do you deal with intense anxiety?

I have a very extreme case of anxiety and it literally keeps me up all night. It’s currently 6am and I haven’t slept yet. It’s like I have to wear my body out mentally before it can fall asleep.
I also experience physical reactions to anxiety like my body will jolt or I will want to throw something in sight because my anxiety will remind me of something anxious that I did and my body’s only way of releasing it is physically.
Where I live, getting help is very hard to come by easy. I’ve been constantly told to be put on medication but I just can’t have that controlling my thoughts even if it’s not permanent.
I’ve lost friends, opportunities, jobs, money, and time from being so scared of life.
Therapy is also extremely expensive and most are fully booked so I can only really rely on myself and other people’s opinions and inputs at the moment.
How do you deal with intense anxiety?
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