Why are my breasts so saggy at 21?

Since I was 17 I had gained a lot of weight over the years from stress and depression and I’ve always had large breasts, I used to be at a 44D but now it’s in the DD’s. But that’s not what I’m worried about, I’m mainly worried at how my nipples are positioned since the weight gain. My nipples are pointed downward where I can’t see them and they look deflated. (Also I have lost 30+ pounds and everything is going great except for my boobs). I don't know how they’ve gotten so bad but I hate it because it exaggerates my age making me look older than I really am, and they’re very saggy and wrinkly at the top. I know that comes with weight loss but I’ve had the nipple problem before losing the excessive weight. After the pandemic is over I really wanna save up on getting a breast lift but I’m also skeptical about going under the knife. Are there any non-surgical treatments I could use at home for now to lift them up slightly or any other procedure I could look into getting in the future when appointments can be made again.
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I’m very insecure about how my breasts appear. I’m pretty sure if you guys were see how they actually look, you would agree that no 21 year old should have breasts like a 60 y/o. My diet has been pretty good, I wear the correct bras, and I have talked to other women my size or bigger about this problem as well and they never experienced their breasts looking deflated and loss of elasticity whether they had lost weight themselves or not.
Why are my breasts so saggy at 21?
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