Do I have to do keto too lose weight?

I am:
20 years old
174 lbs

I have been doing ketosis for four months and have lost 20lbs. But I realized I really want to lose weight while eating normally.
But when I do try to eat normally to lose weight it doesn't work. In fact, I gain. Here is what I do:

Calorie intake: 1300 (always eat above 1200, if my workout is intense I add a couple more calories)

Exercise: I do cardio and some strength but not too much or too little since I have to find a nice balance

Water intake: I always intake at least 90+ oz of water daily. I do not drink soft drinks or soda.

What I eat: I eat what I want but not what I don't need. If I have carbs they are healthy carbs (veggies and some fruits)

I also get a fairly normal amount of sleep

A what exactly is wrong? When I eat like this I gain no matter what. I can't lose eating like this so will I always have to do keto?
Do I have to do keto too lose weight?
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