Why is this happening?

So, my mom told me today that she is seeing floaters in her right eye. Only One. However she had one floater in her left eye, which she got checked out by a doctor. The doctor told it may lead to cataract and gave her an eye drop which she uses. She took the opinion of another doctor, who told that its not anything to be worried about.
However, after today when she told me about her right eye I got a little worried. And since all the hospitals are closed right now I googled a bit (can't help because there are literally no doctors RN). After Googling, I didn't see floaters being mentioned in any oth websites related to cataract. But I did find it being mentioned with retinal tear that can be severe and lead to blindness. I'm scared now. Have any of you guys experienced this before? Any clue or suggestion?
Why is this happening?
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