Does your diet match your weight or would it surprise some people?

If you're thin/slim, do you eat super healthily? If you're overweight, do you eat tons of "junk food"? Or the opposite?

I'm overweight/obese and think I eat healthier than most people, definitely in my age group. Like most younger people in my city, I like to eat out about once or twice a week (not fast food, but still restaurant food) and I also like snacks, but I don't binge on them like I did when I was a child. I eat a lot of seafood/fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, no other kinds of meat, cheese is a bit of a weakness, grains like oatmeal or quinoa, etc. I go in and out of bread/cracker consumption. I dont believe in fad dieting/diet culture, but I sometimes avoid buying bread and crackers unless I have a certain thing I'm trying to cook. For the past maybe 3 years I've gotten into the habit of not eating bread much, but if I want it I will buy it. I will enjoy rice sometimes, but again, not that much. My super carby things usually come from the eating out (thai noodle dishes, carby mexican dishes, sushi, etc.) and the snacks. I am pescetarian now, but I was vegan for almost a decade and then vegetarian for a couple years after. Might go back at some point, but no plans to at the moment.

The science around weight loss makes attempted weight loss conflicting at best, plus body positivity is on my mind. Aside from that, I think my diet is what concerns me. I've made some some adjustments for overall health. If I were to try to lose weight, it seems like the only route would be extreme restriction, which isn't healthy or sustainable. I don't eat enough trash for modest adjustments to make a big impact on my weight. I may lose a few pounds but thats about it. I'm probably like 140 lbs overweight, if you follow the BMI (which is problematic itself, but people use it so I'm mentioning it). Just for reference.
Does your diet match your weight or would it surprise some people?
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